The Disturbing Truth About Your Life (Warning – Read at Your Own Risk)
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The Disturbing Truth About Your Life (Warning – Read at Your Own Risk)

Dear Reader,

I'm going to let you know a few upsetting insights I've understood in the wake of contemplating them and concentrating on different material from analysts for quite a while. Presently I need to caution you however, this is extremely upsetting and when you understand them, you won't ever take a gander at the world and life the equivalent away once more. As is commonly said "When you see the jail bars, you can't "unsee" them". So read despite all advice to the contrary. Pick now whether you will take the "red pill" or the "blue pill". In the Join the illuminati for power  that you pick the last option, stop now. However, in the event that you pick the previous, read on.

The upsetting truth is that you are a psyche controlled slave on a jail planet. Truth be told, we are captives to the financial framework and the actual world is a worldwide oppression machine. However, we are customized with deceptions that assist us with bearing our oppression so we don't see it. (Every one of those sci-fi films that portrayed machine tedious social orders representing things to come or on different planets, were attempting to let you know something all things considered)

Opportunity, generally, is only a word, not a real reality. Looking at this logically, the explanation individuals (particularly Americans) accept that they have opportunity is essentially on the grounds that they are informed that they do and their brains are customized to believe that they do, not on the grounds that any genuine proof backings it. In all actuality, from grade school you are controlled all around and dealt with like a detainee and slave, not as a free and freed individual.

Looking at this logically, the main explanation you accept that you are living in "the place where there is the free" isn't on the grounds that it's valid or supported by any goal proof or reason, but since you were TOLD to trust it. It's the same than Christians accepting that the Bible is God's assertion since they were TOLD that it was thus they acknowledge it.

However, your slave drivers need you to be happy with your subjugation to keep you controlled. To do that, they give you decisions in work and commercialization and refer to that as "opportunity". Along these lines, you are "free" to pick your type of servitude and to decide in favor of your manikin tyrants in a bazaar show and act known as the democratic cycle, which gives the moronic a deception of control. To that end we should be continually reminded that we are "free". So we remember.

As Jeffrey Grupp of AntiMatter Radio ( frequently says, "The world is an inhumane imprisonment where we are informed that we are free."

Essentially, you are fooled into feeling that you are free. The framework switches the significance of "servitude" and "opportunity" around to mean their inverse. For instance, when you become a captive to a company (also known as "finding a new line of work") the framework refers to that as "practicing your opportunity to work" despite the fact that it is actually a piece of your financial subjugation. Also, when you don't have some work, you are thought of "a hopeless jobless individual" with no reason or capacity, which conveys an unfortunate underlying meaning in the financial arrangement obviously. Along these lines being liberated from wage subjugation is marked adversely. This is the manner by which the psyche control of the modern framework works. Furthermore, you should concur with it obviously, not question it.

This isn't simply actual subjugation, however oppression of the MIND too. In addition, we are likewise captives to our supervisors, organization, mates, peers, media, guardians, educators, society, government, political framework, administering world class, and, surprisingly, our own embedded considerations and wants, in immediate and circuitous ways, regardless of whether we know about it. In this manner there is almost no space for anything that we can call "opportunity" (except if you consider having 20 kinds of bagels to browse to be "opportunity of decision").

There's a motivation behind why society is set up so you don't have a lot of leisure time. In your childhood, school keeps you occupied and distracted. Then, in your grown-up life, work keeps you occupied on the treadmill. Furthermore, in your extra time, the traditional press holds your consideration with the authority rendition of everything. The justification behind this is that assuming you have an excessive amount of available energy to ponder everything - life, presence, the world, and so on - you will ultimately understand that you are a slave on a jail planet (ala Alex Jones' and that the vast majority of everything you are said is foolishness, lies and gross mutilations. That is the unnerving part, that with a lot of leisure time comes a great deal of upsetting however freeing insights, concerning intrigues, yet about the idea of your reality itself. Accordingly, we are kept from all that by a general public that keeps us occupied and diverted, for the vast majority of us can't deal with reality. Additionally it isn't in that frame of mind of the powers that standard us to tell us reality either, for reasons unknown, so they keep us in a province of Zeitgeist (deception).

In our psyche minds, we as a whole realize that we are carrying on with a subjugation presence. Yet, we would rather not face this, for we live in dread and have a powerless outlook on it, so we simply oblige it. To assist us with adapting to it, we are modified with daydreams and mantras, for example, the legend of "living in a free country which makes us incredible" and "living to work and serve" so we can track down satisfaction and reason in our oppression. None of it seems OK and just serves to conciliate and assuage us.

Furthermore, obviously, you are additionally customized to trust that "Authority = Truth" and "Greater part = Right". In this way, anything that you are TOLD is what you should accept, and in the event that every other person does as well, it should be correct. As per this inculcation, truth isn't something you look for and examine; it's anything you are TOLD - straightforward. Most acknowledge this without request. Individuals are not customized to look for truth or have an independent mind. They are customized to look for a decent life and to serve the framework. In this framework, truth isn't the most noteworthy worth, similarity is.

In America, you are raised to accept that you are free and living in "the place where there is the free". However right when you enter government funded school, every one of your opportunities are removed and you are controlled like in an Orwellian state. You are determined what to do, what to think, what to accept, how to act, and so on and PUNISHED for dissidence or noncompliance. Along these lines, you are let one know thing, and given the direct inverse! You'd must be the greatest nitwit not to see the all out logical inconsistency, yet in light of the fact that the US mind control framework is so forceful and compelling, most don't, essentially not intentionally. So a great many people never question it, or on the other hand in the event that they do, they keep it in their hidden considerations, since dissidence and dissention are NOT permitted in the educational system.

The individuals who run your media and schooling foundations are additionally modified, very much like you, however considerably more so. To serve in their administrative places of impact, they are held to stricter norms by the regulators, and accordingly should be controlled much more than you the gullible people are. Their occupation isn't to show you reality, however to instill you with whatever those at the most significant levels of force and impact - your slave drivers or more - need you to accept. These organizations don't show you how to think, however what to think, cause that is their capacity.

Your traditional press are not truth tellers or truth looking for examiners. They are advertising individuals for the authority adaptation of occasions - advocates in a manner of speaking. Government, media and schooling are not there to instruct truth to you or edify you. They are there to CONTROL you. That is their capacity. In any case, you don't realize that cause you are modified to expect to be that "Authority = Truth" and that in the event that every other person accepts it, it should be valid.

William Colby, previous head of the CIA, upon retirement emerged and said, "The Central Intelligence Agency claims everybody of any importance in the significant media." This appears to be legit, and makes sense of why despite the fact that it's undeniably true that the CIA is associated with drug dealing into the US, the traditional press don't report things like this (aside from one report by Mike Wallace which was immediately pulled from the air). As a matter of fact there are many dull upsetting bits of insight about history and world occasions that the significant media, assuming it thought often about reality, ought to provide details regarding yet they don't. The CIA/drug dealing association is only one of many.

Presently consider it. Does the public authority at any point advise you to have an independent perspective? Hi no. Does the educational system ask you to have an independent perspective? Probably not. Does the established press at any point urge you to have an independent perspective? Absolutely not a chance. What does that tell you? Is society about truth, or control? Think deeply about this and it ends up being self-evident - that you've been hoodwinked and controlled from the start.

Take a gander at the large anchorpersons like Bill O'Reilly of Fox and Anderson Cooper of CNN. For what reason do you suppose they are so restricted, critical, egotistical, oblivious, stupid and little leaning? (which obviously shows on their look) Why do you suppose they scorn and assault all that wanderers from business as usual? For what reason do they have that "everything fresh is bologna" on their countenances? For what reason do they look so "modified", typifying a "crowd attitude"? For what reason doesn't the huge corporate media pick news analysts who are savvier, more educated and more alert, and less modified? This is on the grounds that these figures are the way YOU should be. YOU should be very much like them - restricted, uninformed, moronic and little leaning. These figures characterize the constraints of your insight. You shouldn't be more brilliant than them. You shouldn't be scholarly, alert, savvy or free-thinking. You should be a traditionalist with a group mindset, the same than they are.

Nobody who really looks for reality or talks reality gets placed into places of impact by the huge corporate media nor into top, influential places in the US government. Absolutely not a chance. Furthermore, the central idea of force draws in malevolent and corruptible sorts. Hence, great individuals don't ordinarily look for power.

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